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The origin of popular US cattle breeds

Although the US is home to several recognized breeds of cattle, none of the breeds currently available are native to this country. Some of the very first breeds in the country were introduced by European settlers. These cattle breeds were e...

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Colorado Mountain Ranch

Understanding surface rights and mineral rights

Acreage property involves two levels of ownership – surface rights and mineral rights. Understanding the key differences and overlaps between these rights is crucial knowledge that every land buyer and seller must understand. What are ...

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Horse breeds and how to identify them

In case your horse’s registration papers weren’t provided or are otherwise uncertain of its parentage, identifying its breed will require educated guessing. If you are familiar with characteristics of well-known breeds and basic body type...

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Horses grazing in a park

How to Sell Your Equestrian Property Fast

To sell your equestrian property as quickly possible, you must put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers. Here are some tips that will help you boost your equestrian property's appeal, which will then lead to a fast sale. Make the ...

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7 Colorado Ranches Perfect for a Rustic Wedding

When it comes to rustic weddings, few can rival the backdrop of the breathtaking Colorado mountains. Or having to walk beneath golden boughs of aspen. A special day deserves a special backdrop that you’ll remember for the rest of your liv...

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Horses grazing in front of barn

Your Guide to Buying your First Colorado Ranch

?? Picture yourself sitting on your porch while horses graze in a paddock, the scene framed by the Rockies in the horizon. This could be your dream retirement – buying a piece of land and living a quiet, rustic lifestyle. This could als...

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Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Understanding Colorado Water Rights

Water is a valuable resource, especially in Colorado, which is a headwaters state. This means that water does not flow into state borders. As such, water is scarce and as a property owner, you should be aware of your water rights. Water ...

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5 Tips to Maintain Horse Stalls and Stables

New to the horsing life? Read on to find out how to properly take care of your horse stalls and stables. Use the right materials The stalls’ flooring is important to your horses' health. Concrete is not recommended as it's hard on ...

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