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Horse properties: 4 ways to instantly boost value


Horse properties are a different breed from your standard real estate. Not only do these serve as both a comfort zone and a training ground for horses, but it is also home to these horses’ humans.

If you desire to raise the value of these special properties, real estate agents in Loveland, CO recommend focusing on what will work best for the horses. These are the 4 value boosters for horse properties that we highly recommend:

  1. Install useful facilities and amenities

    The better the horse facilities in a property, the higher its value shoots up.

    One primary value-adding facility is a fully equipped barn. Make sure it has the basics like running water and electricity, as well as temperature-resistant storage for equipment. It should also have enough room to accommodate stables for your horses.

    Another good idea is putting up suitable shelter and shade in strategic locations around the property. These will protect the horses from strong winds, heavy rains, and extreme heat.

    For training horses, you will want to install structures like jumps, round pens, and paddocks.

    Where you place these facilities is also important. Make sure the barn is positioned a short distance away from your living quarters. That way, you will not have trouble getting to them in case of emergencies.

  2. Make sure fencing is secure

    You have a highly-spirited and irrefutably valuable asset that you have to keep safe within your property. Thus, investing in good and secure fencing is a must. Moreover, it can immediately boost the property’s value.

    When choosing the type of fence to use, make sure to go with horse-friendly options. Wood is a popular choice for its sturdiness and for the classy look it gives. Steel, meanwhile, is a pricier but more durable alternative. Combining fencing materials is also a good idea to beef up perimeter security.

    Some fencing materials are not recommended for horse properties as these can injure and stress out the horses. Make sure not to use barbed wire, a high tensile steel wire or electric fencing.

  3. Have adequate storage space

    One overlooked aspect of owning horse property is the amount of storage space needed for equipment. Called the tack room, this is where different types of horse equipment are stored.

    This storage area is important due to the huge amount and variety of items that fill a typical tack room. Here, you will find saddles, grooming items, and even medication. These items do not come cheap, so storing them away in a secure area is needed to avoid theft.

  4. Keep your property well-maintained

    A well-maintained horse property not only looks good, but it also allows you to perform your day-to-day tasks smoothly. Tidy up by routinely sweeping the yards and mowing the lawns. Make sure that there aren’t any environmental hazards like chemicals lying around.

    Take care of the stables as well since these serve as your horses’ resting area. Make a list of any needed repairs and get these done as soon as you can. Watch out for any holes in the walls. Small animals like rats or weasels can sneak their way in and mess up your stable.

    You will also want to keep the fences intact. Reset those that are loose and replace damaged ones.

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