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Logan County

Located in northeast Colorado, Logan County lies south of Nebraska and is bordered by the counties of Weld, Morgan, Washington, Yuma, Phillips, and Sedgwick.

Originally part of Weld County, Logan County was established in 1887 and has been an agricultural powerhouse for more than a century. While the number of farms in Logan County has decreased over the years – from more than 1,400 in the 1950s to under 900 today – it continues to be one of the top producers of agriculture in Colorado. In the last agricultural census, the county’s agricultural products had a market value of more than $566 million.

Logan County extends across a total area of 1,845 sq. mi. and is named afterUniongeneral John A. Logan. Home to around 22,000residents (as of 2017 Census estimates), it has an increasingly diversified economy and serves as the commercial and cultural hub of the High Plains.

The county seat, Sterling, is the largest city in the region with an estimated population of approximately 14,000. A growing city with a revitalized downtown, Sterling has been seeing numerous new businesses open their doors here in recent years, including the region’s first brewery.

Apartfrom Sterling, Logan County is home to eightothertowns:

  • Atwood
  • Crook
  • Fleming
  • Iliff
  • Merino
  • Padroni
  • Peetz
  • Proctor
  • The county can be accessed from major highways such as Interstate 76, US Highway 138 and 6, and State Highways 14, 55, 61, and 113.The Denver metro area is just around 2 hours away.

    Logan County real estate

    Given its rich agricultural heritage, it comes as no surprise that the real estate market in Logan County is dominated by farms, ranches, acreage, and horse properties. Single-family homes and manufactured homes make up the housing stock.

    The land is mostly flat with minimal sloping areas. Some properties are located close to the south Platte River and the reservoirs along it, such as the North Sterling Reservoir and Jumbo Reservoir.

    Logan County attractions and activities

    • North Sterling State Park – There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Logan County than a visit to the North Sterling State Park. This park offers 5,700 acres of outdoor activities, camping sites, and majestic views of the almost 3,000-acre reservoir.
    • Downtown Sterling Historic District–Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Sterling’s Downtown area showcases the county’s history and culture though 54 beautifully preserved historic buildings, establishments, and various works of art.
    • Logan County Fair & Rodeo – One of the most-awaited events in Logan County is the Logan County Fair and Rodeo. Visitors are treated to rodeo shows, bull riding challenges, a night show concert, and carnival rides.
    • Sugar Beet DaysFestival – The Sugar Beet Days Festival in downtown Sterling celebrates the history and impact that sugar beets have had on the development of Logan County. The annual festival features live entertainment, food vendors, and crafts booths.

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